Hi, I’m Melissa…

…cat lover, travel obsessed Mum of two, and a newborn and family photographer in North London.

I live a happy life in North London with my loving husband, and our two wonderful little girls. I’m half Indian and half Australian, so I’ve got a bit of an Aussie twang (people always ask where I’m from!) And my husband is Australian too, so there’s a lot of Aussie vibes in our household. We don’t have any pets yet but I love cats. My husband isn’t too keen, but once our girls are a bit older we’re definitely getting cats!

After my family, travelling has been my great love. I’ve visited 65 countries, and lived in Belgium, Sydney and San Francisco at various times in my life. I love the people of the Middle East, the sensory overload of India, the landscapes of Patagonia.

But as much as I’ve loved seeing the world, North London will always be my home. The pavements I’ve trodden so many times before. The same parks my parents used to take me to when I was younger, the parks where I now play with my girls. It’s my whole world.

And I love how, as a family photographer, I get to be invited into your own little world for a while. To see a world only a few people ever get to see, and capture you and your family in the beautiful world you call home.

If you love my work and think we’d get along, get in touch today and let’s get to know each other.

Your family is uniquely yours, and your family photos should be too



Classic/stylish with a touch of leopard print!

I’m not your typical ‘mum tog’

I was shooting in RAW long before I was bingeing Peppa

My sanity hinges on

Mindfulness, yoga & pilates


I love the countryside for a visit, but nothing inspires me like the dynamism and diversity of a city

I’m actually

A qualified scuba diver (50 dives & counting!)

My procrastination of choicE

A cup of tea, a chocolate orange and a personality test

I’ve been with my husband for

22 years (married 7 years ago on our 15th anniversary)

I can’t stand

Spiders, & people who impose their parenting opinions on others


I’ve moved around a lot in my life. Had many homes, lived in different countries, moved almost impatiently from chapter to chapter. It’s why I picked up a camera in the first place. Because I knew if I didn’t, so much of my life would be lost to memory. And now I’ve finally stopped moving, the photos I’ve taken along the way are beyond priceless. They show me once-familiar faces I haven’t seen in years, and long-forgotten places I once called home.

They let me retrace the steps that took me here, and let me appreciate all the wonderful things I once took for granted. And this is the beauty and power of photography. The way it can capture a single moment, and somehow give us a window into an entire chapter of our lives. In a funny kind of way it’s like leaving breadcrumbs. So wherever life takes us, we can always follow the path back the way we came.

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