When you’re having an outdoor family photoshoot, you want it to be relaxed, spontaneous, and a little bit wild, right?! Like you went exploring the outdoors together as a family one morning, and you all just happened to look amazing at the same time!

So rather than static poses on well-manicured lawns, let’s go for a sunset adventure together somewhere untouched, unkempt. You know…somewhere that isn’t quite so obviously in Central London! We’ll go for a walk in the woods or through wild grassland. We’ll play some games, have fun together, and let the kids run around and explore. I don’t want it to be an outing purely for the sake of photos. I want to give you guys a chance to connect, let loose and enjoy the experience as a family.

But secretly there’ll always be intention behind every game, an idea for a shot I have in mind, or a beautiful photo I want to capture. So while you’re making memories, as your family photographer in North London, I’ll be carefully composing my shots, finding the best light and creating beautiful, stylish art for your walls. But don’t mind me, you’ll be having too much fun to notice.

A family of six snuggle up on an outdoor photoshoot in North London

Some of my favourite times as a parent have been simple days out on the heath, or in the woods with my girls. Rolling around in the sun together and coming home all covered in grass. Playing hide and seek behind inch-thick trees, or kicking our way through piles of autumn leaves. There’s something about being outside as a family that brings out the best in us.

My outdoor family photoshoots aren’t complicated or fussy, because sometimes simple is best. I want to give you stylish, natural family photos filled with movement, energy and love. If you love the memory, you’ll love the photo. And I can guarantee you’ll love the memory.

If these are the kind of family photos you’d love, get in touch today and let’s chat.

A family tosses their baby in the air at sunset on an outdoor family photoshoot in North London

Smiles so wide you’ll hear the laughter through the frame

An outdoor family photoshoot in North London with a family holding a blanket

My outdoor family photography sessions in North London are:

01. Fun!

02. Guided but natural and unposed

03. Focused on your connection as a family

04. More of an outdoor adventure than a photoshoot

A baby looks up at the camera on an outdoor family photoshoot in North London


Hi, I’m Melissa…

…cat lover, travel-obsessed mum of two, and a family photographer in North London.

I live a happy life with my loving husband, and our two wonderful little girls. This is me with my little ones in one of my favourite places – outdoors, in nature. My girls are full of energy, so I know just how lovely it is to be outside where they can run wild and free as much as they want to!

And I love how I get to be invited into your own little family world for a while. To see a world only a few people ever get to see, and capture you just as you are right now.

If you love my work and think we’d get along, get in touch today and let’s get to know each other.

The Experience

Your London OUTDOOR fAMILY Photography journey starts here…



As soon as you know when you might want your shoot, please get in touch. My diary usually books up a few months in advance, especially on weekends. I generally run my outdoor sessions around sunset from March-October but if you book outside this time and are keen on an outdoor shot, we can have a chat about the pros and cons (and I do recommend having an indoor location as a back up just in case!).

A family of three sit on a blanket in North London on a family photo session



We’ll meet up, have a chat and all get to know each other before I start shooting. Then once you’re comfortable and I’ve made friends with the kids, we’ll start the shoot. I only ever book one family shoot per day, so I won’t be rushing you or clock-watching. Let’s just relax, take our time and enjoy the experience together.

A family play with their one year old on a blanket on a photoshoot in North London



Your gallery and slideshow will be ready for viewing a few weeks after your shoot. I’ll check in with you to ask when the most convenient time is, then send it over when you decide is best. Once opened, it will stay active for 72 hours for you to choose and download your included images and decide if you’d like to upgrade. If you decide to do so, it will stay open for a further month for you to download your additional images and choose any products.

A family sit in long grass with their dog on an outdoor family photoshoot in North London
A mother cuddles her child in North London on an outdoor family photoshoot


‘Stunning Pictures to Cherish for Many Years to Come’

Melissa was very professional…she was able to ease us into the photos and gave us clear directions of how to pose and keep relaxed. It was surprisingly fun! We absolutely love our photos for my baby’s first birthday. So fortunate to have stunning pictures to cherish for many years to come. Highly recommend for family and newborn photos!


Outdoor Family Photography in North London

Choosing the perfect location for your session is so important. There are so many outdoor spaces in North London and beyond, and over the years I’ve scouted out a few places that are perfect for an outdoor family photoshoot. So when you book, we’ll have a chat and I’ll recommend a few spots. But if you have a place in mind that’s special to you as a family, I’d be more than happy to have a chat about the possibility of having our session there instead.

I run my outdoor sessions close to sunset for the best and most flattering light, so I usually start a couple of hours before the sun goes down. This can mean a start time as early as 3-4pm in March/October or as late as 7pm in June/July. I always recommend keeping the kids up late for just one night, as the light and photos are always worth it. I’ve done it myself with my children, then aged 1 and 3, so I can personally attest to it being absolutely fine, and I have lots of tips and tricks to make it work! However if you’re particularly worried about bedtime, spring and autumn are great times for shoots with smaller children as sunset doesn’t fall as late in the day.

If you’re early risers, just after sunrise is also an option in some locations and at some times of the year. Feel free to contact me to discuss the different options.

My outdoor family photoshoots usually last for around 90-120 minutes, but may be slightly less than this depending on your family (i.e. your children!) I always make sure that we get a good mix of shots before I leave. I also never plan more than one family shoot in a day, so don’t worry, I’ll always have enough time for you.

Just because we’ll be outside, it doesn’t mean the photos can’t be stylish! So once you’ve booked, I’ll send across my styling guide so you can start thinking about what to wear. If you’re still struggling to decide, let’s have a chat before the shoot and decide on a wardrobe for you and your family.

Clothes play a big part in the overall look and feel of the photos. And you’ll love them even more if they fit in perfectly with the styling of your home when you put them on the walls.

As a mum of two, I totally get it! You want your kids to be on their best form on the day. But let’s be real, they may have their own plans. This is where my experience as a mum and a family photographer really helps. I’ve captured many families over the years, and no matter what they’re up to it won’t phase me. I’ve experienced lots of different little personalities (as well as two of my own!) so I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to keep them engaged and entertained.

A few clouds won’t be a problem, as I always ensure the locations I use have a range of foliage and colours whatever the weather. But this is England, after all, so there’s always the chance of heavy rain, which isn’t much fun for anyone.

I always allow some flexibility in my diary to allow for rearranging outdoor shoots, and I always keep an eye on the weather in the run up to the shoot. If it looks like it’ll be particularly wet or dangerously windy, I’ll be in touch to rearrange.

Depending on the garden, we can certainly do some photos in it. Most London gardens aren’t big enough to provide the range for a full outdoor family shoot, however, so I would recommend combining it with some in-home shots too for a mixed indoor/outdoor session.

if you’re unsure of what might work or have a particular idea of what you want, feel free to get in touch and we can chat it over.

Great! Bookings are confirmed with a signed contract and a £50 deposit, with the rest of the base session fee due a week before the shoot. Get in touch and we’ll get you booked in!





  • A detailed pre-shoot preparation and styling guide to ensure you feel relaxed and at your best on the day
  • Consultations over email and/or the phone to answer any queries or concerns you may have
  • A questionnaire to help me get to know your lovely family, so I can tailor the session to your needs
  • 1.5-2 hour photoshoot
  • Travel within London (zones 1-4)
  • Up to 6 immediate family members included
  • A password protected online viewing gallery to view and choose your beautifully hand-edited imaegs
  • 5 hand edited photos to download with printing rights
  • Upgrade options available – please contact me for full details