Pregnancy can be a tough time, both physically and emotionally. But it’s also the most awe-inspiring, miraculous, empowering journey we ever go through. So while I’m not going to come in and overwhelm you with poses and outfits, I do want our maternity photoshoot to be enjoyable, uplifting and – dare I say it – fun!

I want our time together to look and feel like a relaxed morning at home, or a gentle stroll outdoors. If you want to get your partner in the photos with you, it’ll be like a couples shoot, just with a bump.

The timeless beauty and style of my work comes from the subtle care and attention I give to the framing and the composition. I’ll guide you towards the best light, or suggest places to sit so that we get the best photos. But above all, I want the photos to look organic and natural.

I want you to be able to look through the photos with your child in years to come, and for them to see what your life was like before they were born.

My maternity photography isn’t just about capturing you and your bump. It’s about capturing the tapestry of love and connections that surround you. Like your partner’s arms wrapped around you, their head on your shoulder as you talk about the future together.

For some of my families, their roots run deep, and London will always be home. For others, the wanderlust is strong, and London is just one of many stepping stones in a long and winding path. But whatever your future may hold, this is one chapter of your life you’ll never want to forget. The love you felt for each other. The place you called home, if only for a while. The months before they came.

If you’re looking for a maternity photographer in North London, I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch today.

Motherhood is a bond like no other, and it lasts a lifetime

My North London maternity photography sessions are:

01. Relaxed, calming and empowering

02. Gently guided, but natural

03. Focused on moments of connection

04. An enjoyable experience in themselves


Hi, I’m Melissa…

…cat lover, travel-obsessed mum of two, and a maternity photographer in North London.

This is me, pregnant with my second baby in the midst of the pandemic. I didn’t have a maternity photoshoot with my eldest – at the time it had felt like an unnecessary indulgence, but afterwards I really regretted it. So I had planned to do one with my second, but Covid had other plans…

I was so disappointed when I couldn’t have my maternity shoot. Having already been through one pregnancy, I knew that soon enough I would be missing my bump, missing feeling baby kick inside and having that indescribable moment of connection with them. I was in the fortunate position of being able to take a few self portraits, which I now treasure – and knowing how precious these memories now are to me, I know how precious your maternity photos will be to you too.

And it is always a privilege, as your maternity photographer, to be invited into your own little world for a while. To see a stage only a few people ever get to see, and capture you at the start of your new adventure.

If you love my work and think we’d get along, get in touch today and let’s get to know each other.

The Experience



The best time to book your maternity photoshoot is around the 32-36 week stage of your pregnancy (from 28 weeks for second or subsequent babies). This is the perfect window where you’ve got a beautiful bump, but you’re (hopefully!) not feeling too uncomfortable. If you’re due sooner than that though, still feel free to get in touch in case I can slot you in last minute! As soon as you think you’d like a shoot get in touch and we can talk about location options depending on when you’re due and whether you’d prefer to be in-home or outdoors.

Pregnant mother looks down at her bump in a maternity photography session in North London



I want our maternity photoshoot together to be something you can look forward to in the middle of all the excitement and nest-building. So there’ll be no pressure on you to perform or pose. I’ll give you gentle guidance towards the most beautiful light or framing so that we can get beautiful, artistic shots. But apart from that, I’ll step back and give you space to soak in the moment together as a family.

Close up of a pregnant bump in a maternity photography session in North London



Your gallery and slideshow will be ready for viewing a few weeks after your shoot. I’ll check in with you to ask when the most convenient time is, then send it over when you decide is best. Once opened, it will stay active for 72 hours for you to choose and download your included images and decide if you’d like to upgrade. If you decide to do so, it will stay open for a further month for you to download your additional images and choose any products.

A pregnant mother on a maternity photoshoot in North London gazes down at her bump


‘A Magical Summer Evening’

We spent a magical summer evening with Melissa for our maternity photo session prior to having our first baby.

It was important for us to have our Welsh Terrier, Toby, join our photo session as well. Not all photographers are comfortable with photographing dogs, but Melissa enthusiastically welcomed Toby into our photo shoot. Melissa was so kind and immediately put us at ease. She made us feel so comfortable, it was as if we were walking around with a friend.

When we received our photos, we were in awe. We loved each and every single photo. Melissa has an amazing eye and she captured this special time in our life beautifully. Even the photos with Toby were perfect! It can be challenging to get him to look at the camera and smile, but Melissa worked her magic.

Thank you so much for such gorgeous photos! We can’t wait to have another photo session with you in the future, but this time with baby in tow.


North London Maternity Photoshoots

A pregnant mother in a field of wildflowers on a maternity photography shoot in North London

I usually allow around an hour, but it can be a little less depending on the location and how many people are involved. There’s absolutely no pressure, and plenty of time to try different things. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and are enjoying the experience yourself. If everyone’s happy, beautiful photos are sure to follow.

It’s up to you where you’d like to do your session – I usually run my outdoor maternity sessions between March and October, although if you’re due in the winter months and have your heart set on an outdoor shoot please get in touch and we can chat about options – sometimes we can get lucky with the weather! I run my outdoor shoots in the couple of hours before sunset for the best light – this can be as early as 3-4pm in March/October or as late as 7pm in June/July. I have a number of recommended locations I can suggest in North London and across the capital.

My in-home shoots generally take place mid-morning and run throughout the year. These are a great option if you’d like some exposed bump photos but don’t feel comfortable doing this outdoors.

Given how tiring pregnancy can be, I don’t like to put too much pressure on anyone during maternity shoots. It’s always useful if you get a chance to have a light tidy, as lots of clutter can distract from the timeless nature of the images. But I’m always happy to move anything out of the way on the day if you need me to.

Clothes play a big part in the overall look and feel of the photos, and when you’re pregnant it’s even more important to find something you’re comfortable in and which will work well for photos.

So once you’ve booked, I’ll send across my styling guide so you can start thinking about what to wear. If you’re still struggling to decide, let’s have a chat before the shoot to decide on a wardrobe for you and anyone else joining in.

I’m so glad you’re considering a pregnancy shoot, no matter how you’re feeling at the moment. I’m a massive fan of beautiful bumps in all shapes and sizes, and I’m an expert at finding flattering and comfortable angles and poses for you. And we’ll discuss your wardrobe before the shoot so I can help you choose outfits that make you look and feel your best. I know from experience how much these photos will mean to you. And you’ll be forever glad you took the chance to capture your body growing a new life when you could – because it really is such a fleeting time and is over before you know it!

Absolutely! There’s nothing I like better than hanging out with a pregnant mama at this special time. And if it’s just you we have the chance for to be as relaxed and creative as we want, so if you have a particular vision or shots that you’d like to get, it could be the perfect time.

My maternity sessions are led by you, so whether you’d prefer to keep the bump covered or go au natural, it’s really up to you! Just let me know and we can have a chat beforehand about what you are and aren’t comfortable with. The most important thing is that you’re documenting this time to look back on in years to come, and I’m here to help you do that in any way you prefer.

When booked on their own, my maternity sessions are suitable for you alone or you and your partner (plus bump!). If you would like a maternity session which includes your older child(ren) too, please refer to the information below about booking both a maternity and newborn session together, or my family pricing.

Yes! I offer a £75 credit towards a newborn shoot when you book a maternity session with me. And if you have an older child or children and have booked in for both a maternity and newborn session, you’re welcome to bring them along to the maternity session too.

Great! Bookings are confirmed with a signed contract and a £50 deposit, with the rest of the base session fee due a week before the shoot. Get in touch and we’ll get you booked in!





  • A detailed pre-shoot preparation and styling guide to ensure you feel relaxed and at your best on the day
  • Consultations over email and/or the phone to answer any queries or concerns you may have
  • A questionnaire to help me get to know you/your lovely family, so I can tailor the session to your needs
  • 1 hour photoshoot
  • Travel within London (zones 1-4)
  • Suitable for you/your partner plus bump – if you’d like to bring your older child along, please see my FAQs
  • A password protected online viewing gallery to view and choose your beautifully hand-edited imaegs
  • 3 hand edited photos to download with printing rights
  • Upgrade options available – please contact me for full details
A close up of a pregnant bump on a maternity photography session in North London