The newborn weeks of my daughters’ lives are all a bit of a blur to me now. But I do remember the round-the-clock feeding, the exhaustion, the incredulous joy, and the burning, all-consuming love. They’re rollercoaster weeks, and they’ll be over before you know it.

And that’s why I want our newborn session to be about more than just the photos. I want to give you a chance to press pause for a while, take a breath together as a family, and focus on each other. So I’m not going to come into your home, throw different outfits on you all and push you into poses. I don’t want to give you memories of a photoshoot, I want to give you photos that let you remember this newborn stage in all its natural beauty.

But of course, we do want the photos to be beautiful, and lighting and framing are so important. So I’ll give you gentle guidance towards the best spots of light, and compose my shots quietly and with intent. I don’t want you to have newborn photos that could be anyone’s. I want to give you real moments of connection, framed beautifully.

Mother smiling down at baby on newborn photoshoot in North London

There’ll be some moments you never want to forget as a mother. Their eyes looking up at you as you feed them, their weight on your chest, the rise and fall of their breathing as they sleep. Moments when they needed you completely. When you were overwhelmed with a love you never knew you could feel.

And these are the moments I take such care to capture. Because take it from me, when they’re all grown up, you’d give anything to have those moments just one more time.

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer in North London, I’d be honoured to capture this incredible stage in your journey.

Family play with cat on their bed on a newborn photoshoot in North London


Close up of baby feet on a newborn photography session in North London

My newborn photography sessions in North London are:

01. Calm and comforting

02. Baby led

03. Focused on connection

04. More like a relaxed morning at home than a photoshoot

Mother relaxes on bed with her baby on a newborn photography session in North London


Hi, I’m Melissa…

…cat lover, travel-obsessed mum of two, and a newborn photographer in North London.

I live a happy life with my loving husband, and our two wonderful little girls. Here’s me with my youngest as a baby, at home with items picked up from our travels before kids. A print from Canada, an ink drawing from Verona, a poster from Glasto.

I know how much each piece on your wall evokes certain memories. And I know that your newborn photos are no different.

But no matter your travels, there will always be a special place in your heart for your baby’s first home. And I love how, as your newborn photographer, I get to be invited into that little world of yours for a while. To see a world only a few people ever get to see, and capture you and your new baby in the beautiful world you call home.

If you love my work and think we’d get along, get in touch today and let’s get to know each other.

The Experience




The best time to book a sleepy, milk drunk newborn photoshoot is in the first two weeks. As soon as you know your due date, get in touch and we can arrange a time that fits. Having said that, I always try to be as flexible as possible for newborn shoots as babies don’t always arrive on time. I also capture babies right up to 3 months old for newborn shoots if you have missed the initial window, and these can be just as cute!



I’ll give you gentle guidance towards the most beautiful light or where I can get the best framing, but there’ll be no pressure on you to pose or perform. I want to give you photos that are natural, soulful and filled with genuine connection. So I’ll step back and give you space to focus on your bond with your child, and soak in the moment together as a family.



Your gallery and slideshow will be ready for viewing a few weeks after your shoot. I’ll check in with you to ask when the most convenient time is, then send it over when you decide is best. Once opened, it will stay active for 72 hours for you to choose and download your included images and decide if you’d like to upgrade. If you decide to do so, it will stay open for a further month for you to download your additional images and choose any products.


‘One of the Best Decisions We Made’

We had Melissa capture our newborn as I was drawn to her natural, editorial photography style from her portfolio. I am pleased to say this is one of the best decisions we made. Melissa was extremely professional from day one. She listened to our needs and aspirations while providing invaluable advice.

During the shoot she was friendly, easy-going and passionate, making the whole experience truly enjoyable. One bonus point is that being a mother herself she knows how to communicate with and capture the best of babies/children. This is proven by the gorgeous photos we received; they bring smiles to my face every time I look at them! We cannot recommend her enough.


Newborn Photography in North London

A mother and father gaze at their newborn on a North London photoshoot

I only ever take on one newborn session a day, so there’s no rush or stress about the time. I usually allow a maximum of 3 hours, but it might well be a lot less. There’s absolutely no pressure, and plenty of time for feeds and changes as needed. The most important thing is that your baby is happy and you’re enjoying the experience yourselves. If everyone’s happy, beautiful photos are sure to follow.

As you’ll be recovering from the birth and caring for a baby, I don’t like to put too much pressure on anyone during newborn shoots. It’s always useful if you have a chance to have a light tidy, as lots of clutter can distract from the timeless nature of the images. But I totally get that you’ve got a million and one things going on, so I’m always happy to move anything out of the way on the day if you need me to (although I’m only little, so no cupboards, white goods, or sofas!)

Clothes play a big part in the overall look and feel of the photos. And you’ll love them even more if they fit in perfectly with the styling of your home when you put them on the walls. So once you’ve booked, I’ll send across my styling guide so you can start thinking about what to wear. If you’re still struggling to decide, let’s have a chat before the shoot to decide on a wardrobe for you and your family

The arrival of a brand new baby can be confusing and disruptive for older siblings, and tricky behaviour can sometimes be a normal part of this. But as a mum of two and a family photographer of over five years, I’m well versed in the complex nature of sibling relationships! I have plenty of tactics on the day to help your older child feel included and happy, and help us get the shots we want. Whatever happens, don’t worry – you and your family are in safe, capable, infinitely patient hands!

It’s natural to have a complex relationship with yourself and your body postpartum – I know I certainly did (and still do!). I’m an expert at finding flattering and comfortable angles and poses for you. And we’ll discuss your wardrobe before the shoot so I can help you choose outfits that make you look and feel your best. I will always get some photos where your baby is the primary focus. But I know from experience how much these photos will mean to you. And you’ll be forever glad you took the chance to capture your connection with your child in the first few weeks of their life.

However you choose to feed your baby, whether or not you want photos of it is a very personal preference. If your baby needs a feed on the day, I’ll check if you want photos of the moment or not. There’s no pressure and it’s entirely up to you. But if it’s something you’re really keen on, let me know beforehand and we can plan to take some shots of it.

Great! Bookings are confirmed with a signed contract and a £50 deposit, with the rest of the base session fee due a week before the shoot. Get in touch and we’ll get you booked in!





  • A detailed pre-shoot preparation and styling guide to ensure you feel relaxed and at your best on the day
  • Consultations over email and/or the phone to answer any queries or concerns you may have
  • A questionnaire to help me get to know your lovely family, so I can tailor the session to your needs
  • 1.5-2 hour photoshoot (up to 3 hours for newborns)
  • Travel within London (zones 1-4)
  • Up to 6 immediate family members included
  • A password protected online viewing gallery to view and choose your beautifully hand-edited images
  • 5 hand edited photos to download with printing rights
  • Upgrade options available – please contact me for full details
A newborn baby in North London is cradled by his Dad as his Mum looks on